I Am Louisa Herold

Founder and CEO of JungAdler

Entrepreneur for

marketing & technology


Declaration of love for founding! You don’t hire for skills. You hire for attitude. You can always teach skills. More about that.


The limit is just me! It is the mindset and inner conviction that training and business have in common. Your mindset determines your success.

„Are you ready to let passion lead you?“

My mission in life is to be an INSPIRATION for others and to leave sustainable footprints. I am founder and CEO with a positive can-do-attitude, team player mentality and thirst for knowledge. A curious world traveler with an active lifestyle and a 24/7 innovative mindset.


Values: authenticity, appreciation & enthusiasm


Skills: Marketing & Technology

Goal: Forbes Europe´s Top 50 Women

About Me

After leaving my career in the automotive environment at the end of 2019, I have ventured a new challenge: founder and CEO. Here are my top reasons for starting a business:

driver’s seat: you don’t have to ask anyone for permission, you can start at any time and give 100%.

purpose: you create something that doesn’t exist yet. Recognize a social challenge and see how you can contribute with entrepreneurial action.

growth: So far, I have never experienced an environment in which you can develop and grow so quickly. Especially beyond yourself.

freedom: it’s your thing. You can define new rules: For better compatibility, for output-driven instead of input-driven work, for a strong and valuable team culture.

every day is different: you experience the full amplitude of life. Everything is new, there are no routines, no „we’ve always done it this way“.

Summary: Founding is addictive – and maybe I’ll dare to do it again soon.

Louisa Herold

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